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  • 16 activities
  • 10 minutes to 3 hours
  • Introductory to advanced
  • 4 to 16 participants per kit

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186 MTa Team Kit parts and the facilitator guides, participant briefs and reflection questions for 16 experiential activities.

When to use it

Use these experiential team development activities to build teams, diagnose dysfunctional teams and improve team performance.  

16 Powerful Team Development Activities

High performing

Develop high performing teams with Over the Bridge, an engaging and energetic activity. The first part of this activity introduces team working concepts and part two provides an opportunity to apply learning. The task of making a bridge and a car should be easy, but the customers brief is ambiguous. How effectively will teams question the key stakeholders, clarify their objectives and develop plans before starting work?

Capitalising on

Explore diversity in teams with Rectangle. To succeed everyone must be working towards the same objective. The task should be easy, but participants are blindfolded. This emphasises effective communication and highlights differing personal styles, for example being conscientiousness or dominating. By videoing and replaying to participants you can bring to life Belbin and DISC profiles, or Tuckmans Model of Group Development.


Digital Display is a powerful activity, which although is done in silence, explores attitudes and approaches that influence effective communication. Everyone has a task, so looking after yourself first is tempting, and personal achievement satisfying, but what if your short-term success prevents others (and therefore the team) from completing the overall task? Working with others is one thing, but undoing your own work to help someone else may be a different matter. Team success demands that, despite the frustrations that may build as the problems unfold, individuals are; sensitive to what others are trying to achieve, aware of what everyone is actually doing, seeking ways to ensure that their personal actions enable the whole team to succeed.

Big Picture

Do you need your participants to keep a strategic focus on the big picture? The Frame will help. Two halves of one team with different parts of the same task are separated by a door. Pressure and frustration build as effective communications diminish. If only people could step back and think… the task becomes so easy if the sub-teams work together solve the problem of developing effective communications rather than focusing on the detail of the task. 


How effective are the leaders you work with at empowering their teams? In The Trailer the leaders you nominate have an overview and with a little thought they can provide the followers everything they need to complete the task. But why do the leaders interfere all too often and find it so hard to delegate?  Use this activity introduce topics around effective leadership and explore the roles of responsibilities of leaders and team members.  


The Tower is an emotive and tense activity that helps teams improve their negotiation skills, manage conflict and develop a win-win outlook. It’s easy for teams to make their opponents lose, but they’ll have to settle for a below average performance in the long run. The Tower demands effective analysis, clear and effective communication, leadership between teams, planning, building and retaining trust and negotiating.

Team Members

10 Short Activities that can introduce ‘team concepts’ as well as ‘breaking the ice’ or energising a flagging group. All involve lots of action and most an element of competition. Each is quite different, and despite being quick, will raise salient points about the way individuals in the group are working with each other. The manual includes; a matrix to summarise the features of each activity, an overview of how to use the activities, facilitator’s notes and re-usable briefs for each task, learning review worksheets.

Sophisticated team development activities that get results

As diverse as teams you work withWhatever the maturity of the team you’re working with – there’ll be an activity to fit.

Encourages reflection: Teams can’t help but to reflect on their performance.

Brings theory to life: Easy to integrate into your favourite team development models. Lencioni, Hawkins and Salas are great places to start.

Powerful learning reviews: Guide teams through discussions that focus on improving team performance.

Improved team performance in the workplace: Leave individuals and teams with actionable insights that will enable them to improve their team performance.


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People can relate their learning back to the work place.

24 January 2022

The MTa Kit exercises work across cultures – I’ve used it with experienced managers from the Ukraine, the UK, Malaysia, from senior to more junior levels, and in multi-national groups. The learning about how teams work (compared to how they think they worked) is always clear. People can relate their learning back to the work place. People also always have fun doing the exercises – this leads to higher creativity and energy levels.

Iain Lauder, Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University


24 January 2022

The exercises work every time – brilliant!

Andrew Kerry, The Boots Company

One of the best ways to learn that I've come across.

24 January 2022

Mike Hopper, Pfizer

...more than exceeds value for money.

24 January 2022

We use this on our Emerging Leaders program, a 4 day residential program, which bring together some of the top upcoming leaders from companies such as SAAB, Toyota, BHP, BMW, etc. It has a tremendous dynamic in enabling people to see for themselves how teams work – or don’t! Fantastic tool, well worth it, and more than exceeds value for money.

Gene Howell, Australian Institute of Management

We use the MTa [Team] Kit almost every other day

10 January 2022

Training Department, Toyota Car Manufacturing

MTa Team Kit


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  • 6 longer team development activities
  • 10 short activities
  • Access to MTa Online resources
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