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Experiential Learning Activities for Customer Service

Improving the practical behaviours and attitudes which enable excellent customer service.

Focus on the customer with the MTa Team Kit

Do participants make assumptions or question the customer carefully? Over the Bridge from the MTa Team is well suited to developing customer service skills.

Achieve better customer service with MTa Insights

Activities from the Business Priorities manual in MTa Insights gives participants the opportunity to develop the attitudes and behaviours that lead to improved customer service.

Focusing on customer service skills through lean processing

MTa KanDo Lean is an activity based learning pack suitable for anyone in the office, factory or supply chain who needs to understand customer service.

How can I use MTa’s Customer Service activities to improve customer service?

Good customer service involves solving problems, offering solutions, being polite and providing a pleasant experience. Therefore providing good customer service requires people to be empathetic, sincere and understanding.

MTa’s customer service activities & games promote participants to ‘feel’ and ‘see’ the impact of their behaviour, both positive and negative, on colleagues and customers leading them to improve their customer service skills. Each activity involves an engaging task and a thought provoking review process.

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