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Experiential Learning Activities for Leadership Development

Activities to enable your participants to discover and develop their leadership skills.

All you need for developing leadership skills

Let participants test and develop their leadership and followership skills. Includes challenging experiential activities and thought provoking review materials.

Leadership skills for working across boundaries

The activities in MTa Mini Crossing Boundaries develop learning relevant to leaders. The MTa MINI is easy to transport – ideal for the long distance traveller.

How can I use MTa’s leadership activities to develop leaders?

Managing others is difficult. Leaders need to create a vision and motivate others to help them achieve it, they need to provide direction and manage conflict, all with the ultimate aim of improving performance. To do this, they must utilise a wide variety of skills, from basic team skills such as effective communication to specific leadership skills such as delegation.

MTa’s leadership activities cover all the skills required to become a successful leader. Each leadership activity involves a challenging task and thought provoking review process where current skills are assessed and strategies for improvement are developed. Through the carefully designed leadership development activities participants will learn about different leadership styles and how their approach affects their followers.

Read more about how you can use MTa activities for leadership development here.

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