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The Best Activities for Remote Working

As teams adapt to remote working they face many challenges. For some it’s rebooting, reforming and refocusing, while others  need to undergo fundamental reorganisation. For many it’s about performing effectively while working remotely, interspersed with just brief periods of being together.

Remote working is difficult – especially when it’s new and unplanned. Planning, effective communication and understanding the big picture are all particularly difficult when individuals are physically separated.

An effective way to utlise the brief periods of being together is to use cleverly designed activities that help teams develop the behaviours and commitment that required for effective remote working.

Top 4 MTa Experiential Activites to Develop Remote Working Capabilities

Our top four activities for remote working are;

  1. Communication Across Boundaries. Swing, MTa Insights (30-90 mins, 3-16 participants)

This activity helps develop the attitudes and behaviours associated with effective remote communication. It raises issues about the style and content of communications, highlighting its two-way nature.

  1. Remote Leadership: The Frame, from MTa Team Kit (1.5-2.5 hours, 8-12 participants)

In this activity, two halves of one team with different parts of the same task are physically separated. One team cannot divulge all its information and they have different workloads. Pressure and frustration build as effective communications diminish. If only people could step back and think…

  1. Dealing with Interdependence: Transport, from MTa Mini (1-2 hours, 8-12 participants)

In this activity, two teams have to work remotely on a collaborative project. Teams need to be aware that their actions will have an immediate effect on each other so they must communicate and work accordingly, but will they realise this in time to succeed?

  1. Remote Collaboration: The Rig, from MTa Mini (1-2 hours, 6-15 participants)

Teams work in 3 separate locations on a team project. The group can organise itself in any way it wishes, but how long will it take for silos to form?  Will the group remember the overall aim (making money)? Or will that be forgotten as the task takes over?

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