Simulated activities to replicate real-world situations

MTa’s experiential training kits provide that innovative approach to learning by using simulated activities to replicate real-world situations in which participants learn life skills that are equally valuable for military and civilian careers.

You could use kits like MTa Team Kit to help young people develop team-working and communication skills. You could also use activities from this kit and the MTa Insights kit to develop leadership skills, which are especially valuable given that these are often not part of conventional school education but are crucial to development in military cadet forces.

Units of the UK Air Training Corps have successfully used MTa kits as part of their learning programmes for young cadets. “We routinely use MTa kits as part of our training/development strategy. The cadets love the hands-on approach of the activities and the equipment is sturdy and rugged,” says Flight Lieutenant James Yeo, Officer Commanding, 111 Squadron in Sunderland, northeast England. “In addition to having fun, the learning outcomes are clear and thought-provoking. I’d recommend the kit and accompanying manuals to anyone.”

Engage their imagination and communication skills

Experiential learning can also help young people get the most out of their cadets experience, especially those who’ve joined to help them develop confidence.

“The Team Kit encourages the quieter cadets to come out of their shell as the teams need to work together and they have to engage,” explains Tracy Vahter, 2517 Squadron of the ATC in Buxton, central England.

The cadets love it, it engages both their imagination and communication skills. For ATC volunteers it allows them to run a simple and fun evening with virtually no prep or planning.

MTa’s training kits are also great for use outside the classroom and can be part of training programmes for new recruits, and for developing leadership skills as military personnel progress in their careers. A major benefit is that MTa kits are versatile, portable and highly durable, so they can be used anywhere, including on expeditions in tough environments.

Used by military and cadet forces throughout the world

Many cadet groups use them on training camps. They are quick to set up and can be used safely by all, so satisfy any health and safety concerns.

MTa’s unique training kits and materials are used by military and cadet forces throughout the world for both regulators and reservists. Users include: the US Air Force, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force, Dutch Air Force and the British Army.

Other youth organizations like the Scouting movement and the Duke of Edinburgh youth awards programme have had similar success with these kits. Activities that focus on problem-solving and leadership allow young people to hone skills that are not easy to develop in conventional classroom environments. For example, Duke of Edinburgh programme instructors have used MTa activities to prepare young people for wilderness expeditions.

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Find out how you can run innovative, high- impact activities with minimal preparation, so you can make the best use of your time with the MTa Team Kit. All 16 activites are hands-on and demand active engagement making them particularly popular with military personnel. And special military versions of kits are available in appropriate colours and with matching holdalls so they don’t look out of place in the field.

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