MTa Kits for Kids: Fun and Memorable Activities for Young People

The MTa STEM Kit – our flagship experiential learning kit for kids – is built to inspire young people and unleash their inner potential. Each tried-and-tested activity is fun and engaging, while delivering lifelong learning. 

With 24 activities and an array of learning outcomes, it’s easy to build the perfect program for any group of young people, whether you run a day camp, a residential camp, a specialty camp, or anything else.

Holistic Development for Lifelong Learning

Each activity in the MTa STEM Kit challenges preconceptions, rewards analytical thinking, and invites creative approaches to complex situations. 

And with a broad spectrum of learning outcomes covered – from technical STEM skills like calculating angles and efficient use of materials, to team development skills like sharing ideas, experimenting, and planning under time pressure –  it’s easy to tailor your program to the ability and learning objectives of your campers.

Easy to Use, Right Out of the Box

We’ve designed our activities to be run right out of the box, with no formal training required: our fine-tuned facilitator guides, participant briefs, and reflection questions have everything you need to deliver engaging and impactful learning.

You can use our kits anywhere, too: their weather-resistant and highly durable construction means they work just as well outdoors as indoors.

Trusted By Youth Organisations Worldwide

Our kits are used and trusted by global brands like Boeing and Nissan for their youth engagement programs, and by prestigious summer camps and schools around the world. 

Let us help you to create a positive camp culture with games and activities that entertain, educate, and inspire your campers – talk to our experiential learning experts today about how The MTa STEM Kit can transform your camp.

Develop your camp staff into a high-performing team

Our experiential learning kits for adults create professional development experiences for camp directors and staff looking to improve their camp experience.

From camp directors and teachers, to coaches, social workers, and other professionals in the youth development industry, our kits will develop the skills that enable you to create a positive camp culture.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your staff orientation or refresh your staff mid-year, our kits can help:

  • MTa Insights, our flagship experiential learning kit, contains 53 activities to develop communication, teamwork, leadership, and problem solving. 
  • The MTa Team Kit has 16 targeted activities to develop your staff into a high-performing team.

A Positive, Responsive Camp Culture

Our kits give you the tools to customize each training session based on your unique goals, the age and experience of your staff, issues from previous camps, and new initiatives being introduced.

Each kit is an investment in your future, with everything you need to respond to changing demands and to keep your camp experience fresh, fun, and engaging.

Backed By A Trusted Certification Program

Our experiential learning kits are trusted by thousands of the world’s leading organisations, and we’re proud to have a global network of certified facilitators. 

Every one of our activities is designed to be run with no prior experience, and our MTa Certified program is available to any facilitator who wants to take their training, workshops, and camps to the next level.

Expand your camp offering with kits trusted by the world’s biggest brands 

Once camp is over, your MTa kits can really shine. MTa Insights and the MTa Team Kit give you the tools you need to deliver high-value programmes to serious players, from off-season corporate events, to training days, and more.

Our kits are used by HSBC, Disney, Starbucks, Toyota, and hundreds of other global brands to deliver training that leads to more streamlined operations, a more energised workforce, and higher profits.

This gives you the confidence that your activities and sessions meet the exacting standards of these international organisations.

Learning Outcomes Tailored to the Needs of Any Group

Our kits let you run ready-made training sessions with high-demand outcomes like problem solving, leadership, communication, and more. With over a hundred learning outcomes available and comprehensive facilitator materials, you can tailor any session to meet the precise needs of your audience.

As Engaging for Adults as They Are for Kids

As adults we’re sometimes led to believe that training is a boring part of the world of work, but we reject that idea. All of our activities are demonstrably engaging and able to deliver enduring learning outcomes, whatever the age and level of experience of the participants.

Transform Your Camp Culture with MTa

From engaging activities for kids that create lifelong learning, to bespoke sessions for off-season corporate training days, our experiential learning kits have everything you need to transform your camp offering.

To find out more about how we can help you, get in touch with our experiential learning experts today.

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