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MTa Coaching Skills

  • Turn your managers into coaches

  • Develop a coaching culture

  • Motivating. Absorbing. Helpful.

  • "Bright and fun - it's a welcome change from yet another PowerPoint presentation."

Equip your line managers with the skills and attitudes required to coach and develop their people

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MTa Coaching Skills is an experiential workshop that enables participants to understand and develop the attitudes, skills and behaviours required for the day to day informal coaching of others.

The workshop is ideal for:-

  • Line managers who need to develop staff or improve others' performances
  • Trainers and teachers who want to develop a more facilitative approach

The workshop can be run as a one day workshop or two half day sessions separated by time on the job applying and developing coaching skills.

Comprehensive workshop notes that include:-

  • Facilitators' overview and summary
  • Facilitators notes for each activity
  • Hard wearing and reusable participant and observer briefs
  • Pre course questionnaires
  • Learning transfer documentation
  • Online access to the MTa resource database so you can download, edit and print any of the workshop worksheets
  • Access to the MTa Learning App

1 holdall of MTa Coaching Skills components containing enough material for 4 separate groups of 3 people.

Access to the MTa Learning App

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MTa Coaching Skills review
...highly effective...
Bob Morton, Ciba Specialty Chemicals

A highly effective and practical insight into coaching skills. It really insures people understand the key constituents

Bob Morton, Ciba Specialty Chemicals

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MTa Coaching Skills

MTa Coaching Skills


1 x Set of MTa Coaching Skills components, plus:

  • Coaching Skills Facilitators' Guide with all supporting materials
  • Access to the MTa Learning App

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Coaching Skills Workshop Format

Participant Preparation30 minutes Individual Work

Description: A thought provoking pre-workshop questionnaire that is designed to ensure participants come ready to learn.
Discussion topics:

What is coaching?
The pros and cons of adopting a coaching approach
Current abilities as a coach
The actions that will enable success during the workshop
Participants adopt a coaching approach
Participants demonstrate coaching abilities

Part 1: Getting the Job Done: Business as Usual120 mins 4 - 12

Description: Managers are often very good at 'Getting the Job Done' through a directive management style, clear instruction and tight monitoring, but what if they spent a little more time investing in their people? This first activity challenges managers to reflect on their current style of management. For many there will be the uncomfortable realisation that they don't coach as often as they should.
Discussion topics:

The pressures and attitudes that can drive managers to instruct rather than coach
The potential costs and benefits of instructing vs. coaching
The fundamental skills of a coach
Manager uses directive management style
Manager invests in people

   The Skilful Coach and Group Work45 mins 4 - 12

Description: This self-assessment questionnaire encourages participants to assess their abilities as a coach. What are the skills, attitudes and behaviours they need to use more of (or less of) if they are to as successful as possible? This questionnaire forms the basis of small group activity during which participants critique and coach each other.
Discussion topics:

To focus attention on the attitudes and skills required when coaching
To encourage everyone to critically assess his/her present attitudes and skills
To identify areas that he/she personally should aim to improve
Participants critique and coach each other
Participants identify areas to improve

   Neat and Tidy: A Coaching Approach60 mins 4 - 12

Description: To be effective during this task participants must adopt an approach consistent with the basic principles of effective coaching. The objective is to help participants develop greater insights into the attitudes and skills behind effective coaching as well as the potential benefits, feelings and emotions that can be generated. The difference in styles generated in this activity provides a powerful contrast with the styles that are likely to have been employed during the first practical activity.
Discussion topics:

The principles of effective coaching (in action)
Participants receive and discuss feedback on their performance as 'coaches'
Effective coaching in action
Receiving and discussing feedback

   Implementation of Part 160 mins 4 - 12

Description: Part 1 of the workshop concludes with everyone summarising their personal learning from part 1 and identifying the key elements that they should practice. About one week prior to Part 2 participants are sent a worksheet to help them assess their progress and identify personal learning objectives for Part 2.
Discussion topics:

Planning how to identify, generate and make use of opportunities for practice and development before attending part 2
Participants should leave with a commitment to enact their plans after discussing their learning and their plans with their line manager
Coaches discussing their plans
Coaches identify opportunities for practice

Part 2: Developing the Learning2 - 2.5 hours 4 - 12

Description: In Part 1 the learning was orientated around understanding the principles of coaching and coaching tangible tasks (e.g. assembling products). Part 2 moves on to coaching less tangible skills, e.g. communicating or even coaching. The format of Part 2 is similar to Part 1 (activity followed by review). The session begins with small group structured reviews of personal progress to date and establishing and agreeing personal learning objectives. These personal objectives are then addressed through small group activities designed to involve everyone as the coach, the coached or the observer: the learning in Part 2 is very personal. The whole programme finishes with individuals helping each other develop plans for the implementation of their learning and committing to coaching each over the following weeks.
Discussion topics:

How well did we implement our new coaching skills in the workplace?
Coaching less tangible skills, for example communication or leadership
Developing plans for applying learning
Small group structured review
Small group activity

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