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MTa New Dimensions

  • Stretch boundaries to exceed expectations

  • Collaboration and cooperation

  • Demanding. Involving. Effective.

  • "Brings out the key issues around cross -team collaboration"

Perfect for encouraging inter-team cooperation and collaboration

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Encourage inter-team cooperation and collaboration, promote personal understanding and challenge individual thinking with this powerful (and portable!) experiential tool. The 3 phases of the activity are designed to promote personal understanding, challenge individual thinking and promote discussions on important topics.

The Discussion Topics are:

  • Collaborating with other teams
  • Capitalising on diversity within a team
  • Stretching boundaries to exceed expectations
  • Benefiting from change
  • Managing ambiguity
  • Challenging assumptions

A comprehensive facilitator guide that includes:-

  • Facilitators' overview and summary
  • Hard wearing and reusable participant briefs
  • Reusable activity review questionnaires
  • Learning transfer documentation
  • Online access to the MTa resource database so you can download, edit and print any of the worksheets

A laptop sized bag containing 6 pouches of MTa New Dimension components including enough material for up to 24 participants (in teams of 3 - 4)

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MTa New Dimensions Review
  • Overall Rating
The team loved it.
Anon, Californian Law Firm

Terrific! Thanks for all your help.  The team loved it.

Anon, Californian Law Firm

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MTa New Dimensions

MTa New Dimensions


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Phase 130 to 45 mins 6 - 24

Description: Small groups must become organised as working teams and complete the job on time. Will they be able to meet their customers needs? Only if they recognise and meet priorities and challenge assumptions.
Discussion topics:

Focussing on customer needs
Recognising and meeting priorities
Challenging assumptions
Small group works as a team
Participants work to meet their customers' needs

Phase 2 30 to 45 mins 6 - 24

Description: Inter-team cooperation will pay dividends in this phase, as teams have an opportunity to capitalise on each others resources. How effective will teams be in maximising the potential this change presents?
Discussion topics:

Benefiting from change
Managing ambiguity
Stretching boundaries
Inter-team cooperation
Team benefits from change

Phase 330 to 45 mins 6 - 24

Description: True collaboration is required in this phase. How much attention is being placed on exchange of resources and labour versus ideas and knowledge that can add value? The answers, when put into an organisation context may be very beneficial.
Discussion topics:

Capitalising on diversity
Realising full potential versus beating others
Stretching and challenging boundaries (self imposed or otherwise)
This activity is for people who need to set targets and plan in a competitive environment
Participants capitalise on diversity
Stretching and challenging boundaries

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