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  • Make the most of their potential

  • Engage and motivate young people

  • Encouraging. Engaging. Confidence-building.

  • "We've had our kit for 10 years and it's still in good condition. In our school, that's really saying something!"

Develop leadership and team skills in young people

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MTa PASS is an engaging and remarkably flexible experiential learning package for young people aged 8 - 18. It comes with 17 activities that encourage whole brain learning and help students:

  • Think
  • Develop interpersonal skills
  • Take responsibility
  • Understand success
  • Enhance self worth
  • Enjoy learning
  • Feel included
  • Make the most of their potential

1 x Teachers' manual, that includes:

  • Comprehensive teachers guide
  • Teachers' notes for each activity
  • Encapsulated students briefs
  • A wide range of worksheets to help with learning reviews and learning transfer
  • Online access to the MTa resource database so you can download, edit and print any of the worksheets

MTa PASS consists of holdalls of very robust 'Insight' components

Access to the MTa Learning App

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MTa PASS review
...the best resource we have...
Mr El-Holiby, William de Ferrers School

The teachers think this is the best resource we have in the school

Mr El-Holiby, William de Ferrers School
...7 days per week
Thomas Smith, Kingswood Activity Centre

We use it from 9:30 in the morning till 7:30 in the evening 7 days per week

Thomas Smith, Kingswood Activity Centre
...the room is just a buzz
Sue Jackson, Boston Spa School

We use it with year 6 through to year 12. They all get stuck in, the room is just a buzz.

Sue Jackson, Boston Spa School
I love using your stuff...
Christie Spurling, N-Gage

I love using your stuff. I use it on a weekly basis with groups of young people. Both kits have been worth the money although for us a as small charity the initial outlays is high.

Christie Spurling, N-Gage

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2 bags of MTa PASS components (enough for 20 students), plus a comprehensive teachers guide:

  • 17 x experiential activities
  • teachers notes and example lesson plans
  • structured review questions to develop learning
  • Access to the MTa Learning App

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Introductory Activities10 to 20 minutes 6 to 24 Introductory

Description: Introduce and develop basic interpersonal skills and the fundamentals of team working. The Introductory Activities include simple tasks that require; fast work and co-operation between team members; some thought and planning before fast work and co-operation; and a thoughtful flexible approach.
Key learning outcomes:

Sharing ideas
Thinking before action
Students sharing ideas
Young people thinking before action

Intermediate Activities15 to 25 minutes 6 to 24 Intermediate

Description: Give students an opportunity to practise and develop more advanced skills. The Intermediate Activities include; a similar task to the first Introductory Activity but significantly more difficult to complete; and a competitive two-part activity, where the task is easy but before they finish group membership is changed and the activity restarted – where will allegiance lie? Students must think about the implications of their decisions and actions as well as working to an appropriate standard.
Key learning outcomes:

Individual and team problem solving
Clarifying and questioning
Understanding and setting objectives
Students planning as a team
Young people solving problems together

Advanced Activities20 to 30 minutes 6 to 24 Advanced

Description: These activities challenge thinking and are conceptually difficult. The activities are designed to stretch the brightest students. The Advanced Activities include a task where the group runs a business: students are given some components but as they make money can buy more. How much can they make in the time allowed? Another task is based on the classic ‘Spider’s Web’ activity but as groups have to ‘spin a web’ for themselves before they pass through it, it offers lots more scope for learning.
Key learning outcomes:

Communication between teams
Fundamentals of leadership
Creativity and innovation
Capitalising on diversity
Students are challenged
Communication between young people

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