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  • Get excited about STEM

  • A memorable and challenging STEM experience

  • Inspiring. Engrossing. Practical.

  • "Reusable and durable. Two big ticks on my essential list when working with young people."

Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Fun and thought provoking activities for young people.

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MTa STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Kit enables you to run fun and thought provoking activities with young people. You can use the activities to; provide a fun, memorable and challenging STEM experience; excite young people about STEM careers; and develop team and interpersonal skills.

With MTa STEM Kit you can deliver 24 experiential activities that encourage and support young people to explore, understand and develop a wide range of interpersonal and team skills with a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

Comprehensive facilitator guides that include:

  • Facilitators' overview and summary
  • Facilitators notes for each activity
  • Hard wearing and reusable participant and observer briefs
  • Reusable activity review questionnaires
  • Learning transfer documentation
  • Online access to the MTa resource database so you can download, edit and print any of the worksheets

6 holdalls of robust MTa 'STEM' components

Access to the MTa Learning App

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STEM kit in schools
Challenging and memorable
Alicia Brown, Stoke Damerel Community College, Plymouth

I use the MTa STEM kit for two quite different purposes.

I run weekly ‘constructioneering’ exercises with my year 7 – 9 maths club. The kids enjoy using the kit and find the activities challenging and memorable.  I think pupils who aren’t necessary that interested in STEM yet would benefit from using these activities too, so I’m hoping to work it into the curriculum for next year.

I also use it in PHSE (Personal, Health and Social Education) lessons to focus on personal skills.  I’ve found that it offers some really important learning opportunities: I’ve seen children develop their adaptability, resilience and problem-solving skills.  It’s great to see them improve their team skills and increase their engagement levels as the activities progress.

I am often asked when we can get the STEM kit out again.

Alicia Brown, Stoke Damerel Community College, Plymouth
It’s Easy to use, Easy to learn, Easy to deliver and very good value for money.
Staff Sergeant Frazer Stark, Defence Munitions Kineton

The instructors think it’s brilliant. Specifically, they talk about how they can take one MTa STEM kit and go anywhere and run any STEM activity. Plus, they love how tough the kit is. It’s hard wearing and has survived trips up and down mountains, across the country and the barracks.

They also love how dynamic the kit is.  We’ve used it with primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and even businesses who want to do some team building activities with us.  Even the range of individuals we use it with is impressive, from autistic children to engineering students; the kit works for all.

Staff Sergeant Frazer Stark, Defence Munitions Kineton
I can honestly say that I’ve never run a session where the students didn’t have a great time.
Chris Mossman, Chief Technician, Defence Munitions Kineton

Every single session is positive using the MTa STEM kit. It’s universally liked and with a clear brief anyone can be engaged with it.
This should be the first piece of STEM material you should buy. It’s versatile, it lasts and it’s cost effective. Combine it with a few laptops and a pneumatic rocket launcher and you’re all set to deliver STEM.

Chris Mossman, Chief Technician, Defence Munitions Kineton

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MTa STEM Kit (30 Participants)

MTa STEM Kit (30 Participants)


3 x Set of MTa STEM components (6 holdalls)
plus the manuals for:

  • 7 x Introductory STEM activities
  • 12 x Intermediate STEM activities
  • 5 x Advanced STEM activities
  • Access to the MTa Learning App

The 24 activities in MTa STEM Kit

Volume 18 to 20 mins 6 - 40 Introductory


MTa STEM Kit introductory activities

Key Learning Outcomes:

Discussing, developing and explaining concepts and knowledge
Exploring and understanding the potential of materials to achieve required results
Spending time planning and reviewing progress vs. fast action
Effect of competition and time constraints on performance

Students planning as a team
Communication between young people
Activity Discussion Topic
Get Orientated Understanding angles • Conceptual thinking • Group decision making • Relating angles and directions
Tightly Packed Accurate measurement • Understanding the criteria for success • Creative problem solving • Tessellation
Wheelbarrow Developing a design • Basics of team working • Challenging norms • Basic quality issues
Boxed In Analytical skills • Creative thinking • Challenging preconceptions • Basics of team working
Short Thread Understanding raw materials • Understanding constraints • Cost of mistakes • Accurate measurement
Spinning Your Web Effective use of components • Setting achievable personal goals • Planning in a competitive situation • Creating stable structures
Minefield Creating functional assemblies • Team problem solving • Effects of obvious competition • Levers

Volume 210 to 40 mins 6 - 40 Intermediate


MTa STEM Kit intermediate activities

Key Learning Outcomes:

Linking mathematical solutions with structures
Valuing and building on each other’s ideas
Understanding problems and constraints
Understanding and working with others’ limitations

Young people solving problems together
Young people thinking before action
Activity Discussion Topic
Angles Calculating angles • Conceptual thinking • Group decision making • Applying logic
Shapes Basic geometry • Thinking logically and creatively • Valuing and building on each other's ideas • Using a structure as both complete product and sub-assembly
How Steep is Steep? Using newly acquired knowledge • Team working • Using others' skills and knowledge • Estimating
Tipping Point Centre of gravity • Logical thinking • Attitude to change • Trial and error vs. calculation
Pythagoras' Theorem Linking mathematics with physical objects • Woking in a pair to explore, understand and solve a problem based on known facts
Levers In Action Pivots • Agreeing on plans • Sharing ideas • Levers
Light Work Transfer of energy • Sharing and developing ideas • Understanding the problem • Solving real world problems
Blind Statues Using unusual components to create functional structures • Verbal communication • Understanding and working to others' limitations
Communications Tower Making best possible use of resources • Reviewing progress and re-planning • Working together to agreed plans • Creating stable structures that can carry a load
Enclosed Draw conclusions from results • Spending time planning vs. fast action • Breaking taboos • Prioritising
Park Life Understanding how to make best use of raw materials • Communication between remote teams • Producing clear written instructions • Creating stable structures
Back to Back Understanding the functionality of components • Effective two way verbal communication • Giving and receiving clear instructions • Team problem solving

Volume 345 to 60 mins 8 - 30 Advanced


MTa STEM Kit advanced activities

Key Learning Outcomes:

Big picture thinking
Interpreting results and drawing conclusions
Developing designs from basic concepts
Solving real world problems

Students are challenged
Students sharing ideas
Activity Discussion Topic
Covert Catapult Following a design • Managing change • Building consensus • Control and management of variables
Cable Car Big picture thinking • Inter-team working • Core elements of leadership • Linking sub-assemblies
Wound Up Potential and kinetic energy • Innovating • Creative thinking • Resistance and friction
Magic Marble Gearing • Result focus • Revising plans based on data • Pulleys and drive belts
Tower Bridge Transfer of energy • Expressing ideas • Building on ideas • Solving real world problems

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