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MTa The Culprit

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  • Giving and receiving feedback

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Giving and receiving feedback on individual performance

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This highly charged team problem solving exercise is designed to help individuals and teams:

  • develop self awareness
  • give better, high impact feedback
  • receive feedback more constructively
  • learn more about their personal style and impact on the team
  • compare intended impact with their impact as perceived by others
  • raise awareness of the dangers associated with pre-judging others

In this activity all participants have the opportunity to:

  • receive constructive feedback on their own behaviour and style
  • practice giving others feedback in a safe environment

Comprehensive workshop notes that include:-

  • Facilitators' overview and summary
  • Hard wearing and reusable participant and observer briefs
  • Reusable activity review questionnaires
  • Learning transfer documentation
  • Online access to the MTa resource database so you can download, edit and print any of the worksheets

4 sets of cards, suitable for up to 24 participants

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MTa Culprit review
  • Overall Rating
Jonathan Underhay, Friends Provident

It worked really well the first time I used it. Brilliant.

Jonathan Underhay, Friends Provident
"best ever training attended"
Michelle McArthur, Jigsaw @ Work

We used the Culprit and our Jigsaw yesterday as part of a workshop for a team who have recently undergone a lot of change. In the evaluations at the end of the session we got comments such as “best ever training attended”

Michelle McArthur, Jigsaw @ Work

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MTa The Culprit

MTa The Culprit


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The Culprit

The Culprit1.5 – 2 hours 4 - 24 Introductory / Intermediate

Description: In The Culprit teams of 4 to 7 people work independently to solve a murder mystery. Frequent 'internal investigations' provide a fun and effective feedback mechanism giving participants an opportunity to give and receive direct feedback about others natural behaviour in non-threatening way. Four sets of cards are supplied, each slightly different. The differences between these four sets; enable up to four teams to operate in a single room at any one time, reduce the likelihood that pre-knowledge will become an issue even with repeated use of the activity within one organisation.
Discussion topics:

Giving feedback on personal style
Giving feedback on team roles
Receiving feedback on impact and style
Understanding the issues associated with pre-judging others
Understanding the dangers associated with lack of trust
Participants give each other feedback
Participants discuss personal attitudes

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