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The Art of Facilitation Workshop

The Art of Facilitation Workshop

Over the two days of this in-house workshop you will explore the Art of Facilitation along with other experienced facilitators and practitioners from within your organisation. You will deepen your understanding of practical facilitation and improve your skills and performance.

Take your facilitation skills to the next level

Experience world class facilitation

Develop and test ideas for improvement

Take your facilitation skills to the next level

MTa Art of Facilitation Workshop. 2 days. £1200 per participant.

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Upcoming Art of Facilitation Workshops

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 Feb 6, 2019 Feb 7, 2019Art of Facilitation Workshop TBC
£1200 pp

  • You’ll have practiced and developed your own personal skills as practitioners of experiential learning
  • You’ll have developed a thorough understanding of the principles and practices of facilitation (with a particular focus on experiential learning) from both a facilitators and a participant's perspective
  • You’ll have challenged your own beliefs about effective facilitation and taken part in thought provoking discussions
  • You’ll have built close relationships with other course participants and built lasting professional relationships
  • This is workshop for participants who have experience facilitating experiential learning and wish to take their skills to the next level.
  • You should have had experience facilitating but no experience of using MTa tools is necessary. To make the most of this programme you should be comfortable using English in a business context (But you don’t need to be fluent!).
  • To ensure a personal touch this workshop is restricted to between 6 and 12 delegates.
  • What are your personal strengths and weakness as a facilitator of experiential learning?
  • How can you encourage individuals to take personal responsibility for their learning?
  • How can you stimulate personal thinking that is both critical and constructive?
  • How can you facilitate effective learning reviews?
  • How can you manage complex learning in ambiguous situations with uncertain outcomes?
  • How can you answer participants’ questions in a way which helps them to learn?
  • How to facilitate discussions that challenge participants personal views and attitudes?
  • Linking learning to work in particular, and life in general
  • Utilising experiential learning within your organisation
  • Participants will be expected to practice, develop and use their facilitation skills throughout the 2 days.
  • All participants will have the opportunity for a 1:1 coaching and feedback session with MTa after the programme has been completed.

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