Rock Learning continue to delight their clients with MTa Insights

Jo Abergel, Founder and Lead Facilitator of Rock Learning, uses MTa Insights for delivering bespoke training for clients in the online gaming and financial services sectors and in open courses such as ‘Emerging Leaders’ and ‘Strategic Planning’. She thinks it’s a fantastic training tool that will enhance your training programme.
Jo, why did you choose to buy MTa Insights? 
MTa Insights suited me because it comes with everything included, ready to go. I wanted to use it to run training courses and a series of workshops to meet the needs of my clients.
Who do you use MTa Insights with?
I use MTa Insights for two different purposes, for bespoke training for clients, primarily from the online gaming and financial services sectors and in the open courses I run for people from all different sectors. I’ve recently run a course on team building for a school.
What do you use MTa Insights for?
I use it to provide engaging, interactive experiential learning. To add something different to my training programmes. Sometimes I use only MTa Insights, or sometimes I use one or two Insights activities as part of a full day course or development programme. Courses I’ve run using MTa Insights include; Emerging Leaders; Leading Teams and Delegating Leadership. I’ve also used MTa Insights as part of a Managing Conflict in the Workplace course and as an icebreaker at the start of a course to get people working together well. I find it very flexible. I’ve been using it in my courses for 5 years now, and using it, I can meet my clients’ needs.
What do your participants think of MTa Insights? 
They LOVE it! They absolutely rave about it. Most training courses they’ve been on before have been PowerPoint based, so they like MTa Insights because it’s fun and interactive. When they see it, they want to jump in and start playing with it. They want to get stuck in. It encourages them to interact with each other. They develop the skills relevant to them – MTa Insights helps me guide them through that process, so the learning is relevant and transferable. It’s engaging, personal, self-reflection. I don’t tell them what they should be doing or how they should be doing something. They reflect on their own skills and behaviours and transfer those learnings to the workplace.
What would you say to someone who’s thinking of buying MTa Insights?
It’s a fantastic training tool. It saves time, it’s fun, engaging, interactive and motivational – participants want to come again. They’ve not seen anything like it before. For me, as a facilitator, there’s so much detail it’s really useful. I would say ‘go for it!’ – it will enhance your training programme.