Five cool things you can do with an MTa Insights kit

MTa Insights is our flagship experiential learning kit: 80 hours of learning and 250 discussion topics over 53 powerful activities, each designed to develop specific qualities like teamwork, communication, leadership, problem-solving and more.

We’ve designed Insights to be an integral part of your training toolkit. It’s incredibly sophisticated and easy to use. It’s flexible and hugely versatile. When you use it you tap into a global community of facilitators, and our Masterclasses will equip you with the skills you need to take your training to the next level.

In this blog post we’ll show you five cool things you can do with MTa Insights to give you a taste of what the kit can really deliver:

  1. Find an activity to suit any group
  2. Dig deeper than top-level learning outcomes
  3. Let participants guide their own learning
  4. Help participants discover their natural talents
  5. Generate vibrant group discussions

Let’s take a look at each in a bit more detail.

1. Find an Activity to Suit Any Group

This kit is versatile. It’s easy to imagine our kits in a corporate setting, but they’re also used in classrooms, lecture halls, inductions, conferences, and beyond.

Here’s how some MTa Insights customers use their kits:

“We use Insights for training shop floor staff right through to senior managers.”

“We use it for everyone, from sales consultants at team-building conferences to managers at induction programs.”

“I use MTa Insights to help large groups of international students develop skills and self-awareness for the workplace.”

  • Elizabeth Bailey, Professional Development Tutor and Hub Coordinator at the Leeds University Business School 

To help you find an activity to suit any group download the complete list of MTa Insights learning outcomes . Or get in touch, our product knowledge and extensive experiencing facilitating activities means we can match anyone up with the activities best suited to their needs. 

2. Dig Deeper than Top-Level Learning Outcomes

Often a facilitator will choose an activity based on some top-level learning outcome like “improving communication” or “strengthening team building”.

But once the activities come out and the participants start getting involved, it’s not unusual for conversation to turn to a far wider array of topics.

Take an activity called Boxed In, for example. Our stated areas of learning for this activity are working team basics, understanding a problem before starting, and challenging norms.

Boxed In

We’ve seen conversation move toward areas like continuous improvement and even ways of capitalising on diversity: both far removed from the intended areas of learning, but each part of a discussion with a lot to offer to a workplace.

This makes MTa materials ideal for a facilitator looking to address top-level outcomes while also giving participants the ability to explore concepts together and develop their ideas. Rather than being boxed in, as it were, by restrictive materials.

This is one of our values: to enable deeper learning by creating light bulb moments with lessons that last a lifetime. With MTa Insights you’ll see how a short activity can lead to unexpected places, and how structured review can hone in on these new topics to instil lifelong learning.

Your MTa Insight kit comes with hundreds of reflection questions contained in over 35 different reflection worksheets. These are all downloadable from MTa Immersion.  If you have a kit and would like access contact us.

3. Let Participants Guide Their Own Learning

“Everyone always gets involved”, says Sam at Steinhoff. Ask yourself: how many recent training sessions can you really say that about?

At these events it’s not uncommon for people to hang back, stay quiet, and let the information wash over them. Nothing sticks, and back at the workplace nothing changes.

With MTa activities though, we hear time and time again how everyone in the room gets involved.

People can’t help getting stuck in

The secret? Letting people guide their own learning. Our activities are facilitated rather than led, meaning participants feel involved and engaged, rather than bored and talked at.

We think this is the coolest thing you can do with MTa Insights: shifting the dynamic in the room towards participant-led learning, and generating buzz and excitement in the process. The learning transfer process outlined in the facilitator guides is critical to this process, also available to download on MTa Immersion.  

4. Help Participants to Discover Their Natural Talents

With this shift in dynamic outlined in 3., participants unknowingly put themselves in a position to gain an incredible amount more from sessions.

As the one delivering training sessions, it can be disconcerting to switch to facilitating rather than presenting. The skillset you’re familiar with – standing at the front of the room, running through your slide deck, asking questions at specific times – becomes redundant, and instead you’re in amongst it, moving between groups and getting involved in discussions.

But if we have the confidence to take this step back and put our trust in participants, you’ll be amazed at the things they work out for themselves; the task-oriented solutions they come up with, and the collaborative environment they’re able to create.

This environment is likely to be different from anything participants have experienced before, and it’s quite common for unexpected talents to emerge once people are put in situations that call for them.

As a facilitator, it’s on you not only to create these opportunities, but to guide participants towards noticing, acknowledging, and developing them. Each MTa Insights activity has detailed review notes that outlines how to review learnings, engage in discussion, and develop the lasting learning outcomes. 

Check out the Learning Arena to learn more about this powerful concept.

5. Generate Vibrant Group Discussions

Earlier we mentioned Boxed In giving rise to a discussion about capitalising on diversity. What we omitted at the time was the size of this discussion: 400 people were involved.

When’s the last time you were involved in training with that level of engagement..?

This is one of the strengths of MTa Insights (and the other kits in our range). Creating an environment where people not only have something to say, but feel able to say it

To get more information on how to generate vibrant discussion download Jamie’s facilitator hints and tips.

Why not see what MTa Insights can do for you?

Our decades of experience in experiential learning are distilled down into this kit. Each activity has been designed and refined to deliver real, lasting learning in areas that are invaluable in the workplace and beyond.

To really understand what MTa Insights can offer, let us show you the activities that would best align with your goals on a 10-minute discovery call. We’ll ask a couple of questions about what you’re looking to do, then make bespoke recommendations on how we can help you to do it.