The Best MTa Activities for Team Building

Fun team building activities bring the team together.

The way your team works together can make a huge difference to your overall success. But few people get to choose their colleagues in the way they would choose their friends. For teams to work well-together, many organisations embrace team-building activities to build relationships and boost morale.

Working together towards a common goal, your team members learn more about each other, what they have in common, and their differences. Team-building activities for work help build relationships in the way that regular contact at work. But while lots of team-building activities are fun and engaging, not all provide meaningful learning.

MTa’s experiential learning kits are different. Team building exercises are fun and engaging but provide real learning outcomes, especially when used as part of a wider experiential learning programme developing core skills like communication and leadership. They are fun, but not just fun for the sake of it. Whether you’re looking for a quick ice-breaker to get everyone acquainted, or a fun activity to generate camaraderie and a sense of achievement, MTa has plenty of great team-building activities.

We’ll introduce some of the most relevant team building activities below. But if you’re not sure where to start, it might be easier to give us a call or chat to us and we’ll help you find the right training activities for you, or read on for an idea of what’s available.

Shared experiences

The most important outcome for any team-building activity is for everyone to feel part of the team. MTa’s activities are purposely designed to get everyone involved and keep them engaged. There’s no excluding people as part of the game (like paintball or lasertag), and there are no real winners or losers.

We’ve hand-picked some activities that are ideal for team-building as they are quite light-hearted and fun, helping build relationships in a positive way. Unlike some of our more complex activities these don’t have heavy review sheets or require intense reflection – they won’t feel like work. The aim is to give people a break from the trauma and stresses of work and improve the mood in the team.

MTa Insights in Action

This helps to build morale, show that you (as the organisation) care, and foster a greater sense of belonging.

But like every MTa activity, they offer all participants a chance to learn about themselves and others. They’re realistic and reflect real situations that we find ourselves in at work like mutual respect and commitment.


This is training that won’t feel like training, but will create connections between individuals. We call this “Entertrainment”. MTa’s training kits are anchored on robust and proven learning theories, but they’re fun and versatile.

They are equally suited to light-hearted team-building activities and games as they are to supporting more complex training needs.

The MTa Insights Kit has 53 activities including several fun activities that are perfect for team-building activities. Take an activity like blind statues. Here, your team comes together to complete a common task that requires a lot of communication, trust and awareness of each other.

MTa Insights in action

Towards the end of this activity, half the team is blindfolded, cementing bonds of trust as some become more dependent on their other team-members. But, most importantly, the activity is quite simple, fun and centres around full team participation.

The MTa Team Kit has more activities that use a similar approach to team-building and are equally fun.

Roulette Wheel is a good choice for an activity that gets people working together and energised, but with great learning opportunities around leadership and communication. Here again, most of the team wear blindfolds.while one or two direct them to build something that can convey lots of different objects to a destination. Each team member has a specific role, but all are interdependent. There is a lot of praise and trust involved so the activity is a great way for different members of the team to motivate each other.

Both Insights and Team Kit have lots of other activities that are great for team-building as well as more complex activities that detail with meatier learning goals like leadership, communication and team-working. Every activity in MTa’s experiential learning toolkit.

See for yourself

One of the best ways to see these kits in action and to find out which kit(s) are best for you, is to attend one of MTa’s Facilitator Masterclasses. Here you’ll get unique insights from our experienced facilitators on how to run successful sessions, as well as first-hand experience of the kits and your own reflection.

MTa Masterclass

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