Top 5 Solutions for the ‘New Normal’


Lockdown has posed many challenges, but one of the things we’ve enjoyed most is chatting to facilitators and teachers from all over the world and sharing ideas about how to adapt experiential learning activities for the new normal. Here are the top 5 requests for support, and the solutions we’ve developed:



Businesses and Organisations

1) Socially Distanced Activities: Many MTa Activities can be done while physically distanced. We’ve compililed a list of the activities you do while physically distanced: Here’s the list, sometimes you might need to adapt the activity, just ask how!


2) Online Activities: The MTa Culprit is already online and we’ve got more activities in the pipeline. If you’ve got a specific requirement get in touch, we’d love to see if we can help.


3) 1:1 Coaching and Support for L&D Professionals: These are tough times. 1:1 coaching can help you and your teams capitalise on the opportunities (and challenges) of this intense period of uncertainty and change. Email Alex to find out more about the sessions we’ve been running and how we could help.



4) Getting Young People back in the Groove!

Teachers are facing an enormous challenge. How do they re-engage young people and help classes reform as coherent learning units? With an MTa STEM Kit or MTa Team Kit! We’ve been busy shipping kits worldwide. Get in touch to find out how it works.

Military and Youth Groups

5) Hands on Training Kits: Training has continued at military bases and many youth groups are rescheduled to meet in the next couple of months. While lots adventure training has been paused, training with MTa Kits for the military can continue.